Let's Talk Beer, starting with Lost Coast's Sharkinator White IPA

I woke up this morning with a realization: I need a fun hobby. In the interests of work, I’ve allowed my hobbies to be dominated by tasks, things that are - at best - work-adjacent. What I need is a hobby that has no end goal, no particular state that I’m trying to reach. Something low pressure. I live in an apartment building, so gardening is out. I work overtime, so no pets. What to do?

Then it hit me: beer! I know what you’re thinking: “beer isn’t a hobby!”. You’re absolutely right. But reviewing beer might be, so we’re going to try it, starting with the Lost Coast Sharkinator White IPA.

I’ve seen other people’s beer reviews: they always say fancy stuff like “subtle notes of pine”, and “hint of pineapple.” I don’t think I could write like that even if I wanted to, so we’re going to keep it simple. Let’s go with this:

  • Brewer: Lost Coast Brewery
  • Beer: Sharkinator White IPA
  • Type: White IPA
  • Rating: 3/5
  • Notes: Nice, pleasant IPA. A little bit on the bitter side even for an IPA, but refreshing.
  • Would I drink it again?: Maybe

Let’s shoot for the ambitious schedule of one beer blog per day and see what happens!

Lost Coast Sharkinator White IPA